Materials Wastage

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The very nature of framing means that there will be waste of the materials you use. FramR allows you to apply wastage factor to materials to recover this cost.

From the Job Form click on the Elipses on the right of the toolbar and select Settings.

Wastage is applied as a percentage of the total material used and is applied globally to all materials of that type. Enter the percentage of wastage you deem correct for each material type.

You may notice that a wastage has also been pre-set for pre-cut materials. It is possible that a pre-cut material may be accidently broken or destroyed. A percentage amount for those materials helps to recover costs in the event of that possible eventuality.

We recommend not being too conservative when estimating the amount of wastage, it's generally much higher than most framers estimate, especially if you are prepared to get rid of off-cuts that are questionable in their usage.

Here's some more information on materials and wastage