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Pricing a frame

Inspire confidence in your customers. Easily price jobs quickly and accurately, and enjoy a sense of confidence with consistent pricing.

3:36 min

Docs on pricing a frame

Adding jobs to the cart

Add jobs to a single cart for one customer, or to extra carts for multiple customers.

1:52 min

Docs on shopping cart

Saving jobs & orders

See how easy it is to save multiple jobs to an order and print job sheets and customer orders.

3:07 min

Docs on saving jobs and orders

Managing Customers

Add customers to FramR, see past jobs and orders, add them to promotions and customer categories.

3:45 min

Docs on managing customers

labour charges

Learn what labour charges are, how to set them, and how they can make your business more profitable.

3:13 min

Docs on setting labour charges

Hourly rate

Your hourly rate keeps you ontop of your business overheads. learn how easy it is to calculate your hourly rate so you never fall behind.

2:56 min

Docs on calculating your hourly rate


Markups are the lifeblood of business. Learn how to set your markups to get the best return whilst keeping your customers happy.

4:45 min

Docs on setting your markups


Maintain current suplier catalogs with automatic updates from major suppliers. Easily enter your own products to the list of catalog items.

2:16 min

Docs on managing materials & stock

Extra Charges

Create your very own custom charges, see how simple it is to price them accurately and consistently every time.

4:54 min

Docs on creating your own extra charges

Mat Borders

Set how to enter mat borders to your preferred method, to ensure FramR calculates the frame size and prices correctly.

1:17 min

Docs on mat borders

Multi Windows

Add multiple windows to a matboard so you can be sure your charging the correct price for your time.

2:14 min

Docs on multiple cutouts in matboard

Mat fillets

Learn how to correctly add a mat fillet to your framing job.

2:51 min

Docs on adding mat fillets

Materials Wastage

Apply wastage to your materials, set minimum amounts to different materials and choose whether a moulding is charged by linear metre or by chopped or assembled.

2:25 min

Docs on setting material wastage