Labour Charges

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One of the great features of FramR is the ability to calculate your labour times into every part of making the frame.

On the Labour form there are different Tabs clearly laid out for setting up labour times. Each Tab provides the same inputs for applying labour to the various tasks of making the frame.

Enter a material cost into the cost box, and then enter a minimum time to perform the task. Also enter a time at 1mx1.5m. This is the time you expect the task to take for a frame 1 metre by 1.5 metres.
Times will also be displayed for popular sizes between the two input boxes.

time to measure and cut frame

No matter how small the frame gets, time will never be charged below the minimum time. Labour times smoothly increase from the minimum time right up and past the time entered at 1mx1.5m.
If you do not want the time to increase, enter the same time at the minimum and 1mx1.5m inputs. If you do not require any time applied, make sure all boxes are blank.

These times will be applied to all materials (in this case mouldings) regardless of their cost.

It is also possible to apply different times at different material costs, allowing you to charge extra time for more expensive materials that may require extra handling.

Click the Add button to add a new row below.

add another row

Enter a material cost at where you want this new time to apply. Then enter the times required for this cost point.

enter time for higher cost materials

You may also want to change the material cost on the initial row so that times based on material cost only start increasing from beyond that cost.

edit cost for lower cost material

Any material costing below the cost on first row will have the labour times on that first row applied. Any materials costing above that cost will have their labour times gradually increased until they reach the times on the maximum material cost. This provides a smooth progression of labour times with no sudden jumps.

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