Marking up Items

Note: Currency and terminology may differ depending on your region.

Items markup is separate to Jobs Markup and applied only to Items that are Imported into the Items catalogue. They are not applied to any framing components that are imported. Framing components are marked up as part of the whole job in the Jobs markup.

The markups are applied to the Items at the time they are imported. If you wish to change the markup for your items, you need to change the Items markups and re-import the Items catalogue. Applying the markup at time of import allows other imported Item catalogues to have different markups applied if you so wish.

If Items in the catalogue contain a selling price, FramR will use this price and not apply the markup for those Items in the catalogue.

If you are sales tax registered, Sales tax will be applied ontop of the Net markup. E.g. If the Net price is $20.00 and sales tax is 10% the final selling price will be $22.00

Items that are inputted manually will not have Items markup applied.

Markups can be applied to Items at a variable rate. E.g. Higher markup on lower cost items and lower markup on higher cost items.

Variable items markup

Or they can be applied at a flat rate.

Flat rate items markup

As many markup points can be added as you deem appropriate.

detailed items markup