Multi retail stores

Note: Currency and terminology may differ depending on your region.

For those business owners who run multiple stores it's important to know what is happening in all stores at real time.

FramR lets you keep an eye on all your stores in an instant.

When you first setup FramR you are asked to create a cloud account with a user name and password. Tick the checkbox to say you are creating a new account.

To access the same cloud databse from another device, simply login using exactly the same username and password. This time do not tick the check box.

All devices connected to the same account will automatically sync their data.

Your devices sync whether they are in the same store, different stores, at home or across the world.

And here's the truly wonderful part

You can still work even if your internet has gone down! As soon as your internet comes back your devices will automatically sync.

You never have to worry about the app going slow or it stopping when you are half way through creating an order for the customer.

If you have forgotten your cloud user name when logging in with a device, you can go to Settings/ Security on one of the other devices to see what it is. From here you can also reset your password.