Job Types and Templates

FramR allows you to record the Job Type for a Job. A Job Type can be used to pre-populate a job with a template.

Templates are one of the features that make FramR so valuable in improving framer productivity and your business profitability.

Create Job Types in Settings. If you want a job type to apply a template, enter the job number of an existing job to use as a template for that job type.

You can create a Job Type to reflect each of the different types of job which normally come through your shop. Say for example, a tapestry comes into your shop. On the Job form, click the Job Type for Tapestry. If you have selected a job to use as a template for that job type, FramR will create a job with all the features you have specified are necessary.

A template will not overwrite details you have already entered on the Job form. If you wish a template to apply, you must select the Job Type before entering other details.

Templates have a number of advantages: