Manage Subscriptions

Note: Currency and terminology may differ depending on your region.

Your current subscriptions

Your current subscriptions are shown on the Subscriptions page.

Your subscription transactions with rolling balance can be viewed by clicking on View transactions.

You can print an invoice for your subscription payment. If you are print an invoice issued by FramR then your address will be that shown in FramR Invoice Settings.

If you print an invoice issued by Microsoft, your address will be the address you had on your Microsoft Account when Microsoft generated the invoice.

Subscriptions are paid month by month and do not automatically renew. This allows you to vary your subscription level as your turnover varies throughout the year.

Any remaining credit from your subscription carries forward to the following month. However you will only have access to that credit and Pro features while you have a current subscription.

Your subscription balance is applied to transactions within FramR such as saving orders and sending sms. Your subscription balance cannot be used to pay for a subscription.

The size of the credit balance you choose to carry is for your commercial judgement, as you are best placed to anticipate turnover for the coming month. Framers usually consider it prudent to carry a sizeable credit balance in anticipation of a busy trading season.

Bare in mind when choosing to vary your subscription that higher subscription levels charge less per job than lower subscription levels. The percentage rate charged is shown against each subscription on the Subscriptions page.

You should also bare in mind that your subscription expiry is calculated differently when you vary your subscription. For example, if your current subscription is Sync50 and expires 2 November and you were to renew your Sync50 before 2 November, your subscription expiry would be 2 December.

However if you were to vary your subscription level, your subscription expiry would be one month from the date you varied your subscription. So if you were to subscribe at Sync30 on 20 October, your subscription expiry would be 20 November.

While you have overlapping subscriptions, say Sync50 expiring 7 November and Sync30 expiring 20 November, FramR will bill at the Sync50 rate until 7 November and the Sync30 rate from 8 November.

It’s simple and fast to add a subscription. Simply select your new subscription level and click Subscribe.

Finalise the payment and you're all done.

Renew an expired subscription

If you have a credit balance but you have lost access to Pro features in FramR, your subscription may have expired.

Select your subscription level and click Subscribe.

Finalise the payment and you're all done.