Your data syncs to FramR cloud

FramR runs locally and maintains a temporary cache of your data on your device. This is one of the reasons FramR is so much faster than a web app.
You can use FramR if you have poor internet or when internet is temporarily lost. So you can use FramR if you have internet at home but not at work.

When you have access to internet, open FramR and your local data syncs with your own FramR cloud database.

You can connect multiple devices to your FramR cloud database and your data syncs over an internet connection. It just happens.

Your FramR cloud database is your backup in case your device has a failure and loses its local data.

When your data has sucessfully synced to the cloud you will see a light blue cloud symbol in the top left of the Job and Order forms.

Has Synced data

If there is an issue with syncing your data to FramR cloud, a red cloud symbol will replace the blue. This may be because of a temporary internet failure or some local issue. You can keep working. Your data is cached until your device can sync.

Has not synced data

When you regain internet, click on the red cloud and select "Sync your data".

Sync your data

A sync symbol will appear to show that FramR is attempting to sync your data.

Is syncing your data

If sync errors persist you risk losing data. Check My Subscriptions / View Transactions. This will show which orders and jobs have synced. Print any orders and jobs that have not synced.
Follow these instructions to uninstall FramR. This will clear your local data cache.
Reboot your computer. This will allow your computer to get it's head straight.
Click Get FramR Now to reinstall.
Clean data will sync from your server database. You can then enter any orders and jobs that had not synced.


If you have multiple devices saving orders and not connected to the cloud, they will generate their own job numbers and order numbers. This may cause duplicates but FramR won't get them mixed up.