Selling other items

Note: Currency and terminology may differ depending on your region.

A subscription version of FramR allows you to include items into your catalogue range.

Items can relate to framing and sold on the Job Form or sold as non-related items on the Order/ Invoice.

An Item has its selling price set on the Stock form.

The selling price is the price that the item will sell for if added to either the framing job or the order/ invoice. This means that the markup set for a framing job is not applied to an item added to the job form.

set price for item

To add an item to the job form, start typing the code or description and the item will populate in the list. If you wish to see the full list, type a question mark and the full list will be displayed

add item to framing job

To sell items on an Order/ Invoice. First open the Order.

open an order form

Items can then be added to the Order/ Invoice.

add item to an order

The quantity of items can also be set on the order form.

enter quantity

For users who wish to manage stock and Reorder levels of items, this can be done by going to Stock/ Items and click on the Item which you wish to update.

record stock level for items

If the stock level of an Item falls below the reorder level FramR will warn that the level is low.

warning whe stock level is low

A report can also be generated to provide information on your items stock level at Reports/ Stock reports/ Items stock.