Referral sources report

Spending money on marketing can seem like throwing a small pebble into a very big pool. You need to know if any of those ripples are bringing in customers.

Tracking how your customers come into your store, and whether marketing campaigns are returning customers is very effective for managing your marketing budget.

When you create an Order or Quote in FramR You have the option to select a referral source. If you select a referral source for each Order or Quote you build up a history of what marketing is bringing in your customers.

You can create as many referral sources as you wish, and create specific ones for various marketing campaigns you may run, these can then be hidden from the list on the orders form after the campaign has run if you wish. Referral sources can be created in Settings/ Customer Admin/ Referral Sources.

You can run the Referral sources report by going to Reports/ Customer Reports/ Referral Sources

The report will show the number of jobs that came in, the total value, any discount that was given and the amount of markup made for each referral source.