Note: Currency and terminology may differ depending on your region.

You are billed as each quote, order or invoice is saved and are charged a small proportion of the value saved. The proportion you are charged is lower if you subscribe to a higher subscription level. Simple really, you get a better rate if you buy more.

You are not billed for changes to a saved quote, order or invoice unless there is a change to the price.

We must cover cloud costs for processing and storage‚Äč. We must also cover costs for the cloud service that processes and stores any changes, but we absorb those costs except where there is a change to the price. Where there is a price change the item is billed in full.

Once a quote, order or invoice has been saved, server resources are consumed. Resources are again consumed if you save a change. This is why we cannot refund nor credit the charge for a quote, order or invoice that you delete and we cannot refund nor credit the charge for errors you make.

We also incur cloud costs when catalogs are updated and other processes are performed, such as adding your own catalogue items, saving changes to settings, adding customers, marking jobs as completed etc. We absorb all those costs and only charge for changes to prices on quotes, orders and invoices.

Charges may also apply for additional services such as SMS messaging.

To view your billing history in FramR click Subscriptions / View Transactions.