Importing Item catalogues

Note: Currency and terminology may differ depending on your region.

Items can also be imported into FramR like framing components. however, there are a few more features to items that you should be aware of before importing.

Just like framing components you need to ensure all Headers for each column are exactly as below.

ItemCode, ItemDescription, ItemType, ItemCost, ItemPrice

Alpha-numeric and special characters.
Alpha-numeric and special characters.
Alpha-numeric and special characters.
Decimal (No currency symbol).
Decimal (No currency symbol).

Every column in each row must contain the correct data except for ItemPrice. ItemPrice can be blank.

A sample can be found here.

ItemCost does not include sales tax, if you are not tax registered sales tax will be applied to the cost price.

cost price should be net

ItemPrice is the selling price. This can contain a selling price for the item or it can be blank.

Selling price may be blank

If the ItemPrice has an amount this will be entered for the selling price of the item. This should include sales tax if you are sales tax registered.

If the ItemPrice is blank, a markup will be applied at time of import of the catalogue to give a selling price. The markup applied will depend on your settings in Items markup.