Mat Fillets

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Any matboard in FramR can have a single or multiple mat fillets entered.

Click on the Cutouts button to open the dropdown menu.

Here you can change the cutshape to Reverse Bevel and enter the mat fillet. In Show; enter the amount of fillet you wish to display (this may be different from the supplier stated width). If the mat contains a single window, the Width and Height can be left blank as the Window size will be picked up from the sizes you initially entered on the Job form.

If the Matboard contains Multiple Cutouts enter the window size for the cutout containing the mat fillet. This will allow the correct amount of mat fillet and labour to be charged.

If the matboard contains Multiple Cutouts containing more than one mat fillet, enter the second fillet on the row below, also stating the width and height for it.

Close the menu by clicking the up button on the top right.

The same process can be repeated on any other mats you include on the job.